Natan Souza
Product Design Lead

Natan Souza

Just a 34 yo designer who loves UX and lead people!

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As focus in my career spanned across education, design, and leadership roles, I've been privileged to contribute to a variety of projects with a consistent emphasis on enhancing user experience (UX). Whether teaching online or in-person to diverse groups, my experiences have granted me a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in product design, particularly within the realm of education. This expertise extends beyond the practical aspects of constructibility, encompassing considerations of product and business strategy, all while recognizing the pivotal role of product management in leadership positions.

Moreover, I describe myself as a creative catalyst and avid learner, adept at synthesizing diverse knowledge to effectively address problems. Beyond my roles as a people manager and product designer, I find enjoyment in the hobby of pet training. Additionally, I've authored two books focusing on front-end development (Sass and Bootstrap) and maintain a blog offering UX Tips.

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